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Growing up in northwest Montana, I lived in the woods. I refused to wear pants but also refused to stay clean or come inside—frilly dresses covered in mud. When I was a preteen, we moved to Anchorage, and nature, somehow, felt very far away. Strip malls and apartments surrounded me. Soon, I forgot my roots. Nature was scary, far away, and SO much bigger here in Alaska. 

Eventually, I found my way back to nature, and when I did, I felt like I was home. Except, I had no idea what I was doing, like zero. I am surprised I made it. And, oh my gosh, was I out of shape. Not only out of shape, but just like I was disconnected from nature, I was disconnected from myself and my body. 

So I tried yoga to find myself and then became a yoga teacher. I took anatomy classes to learn more about this body I inhabit. Like a sponge, I learned from people who fearlessly played outside. Sometimes too fearlessly. I took college classes to learn how to play outside. I joined a CrossFit gym to keep up with my peers (who I had at least 15 years on) in those classes. And it worked! Along the way, I became a CrossFit Coach and found my tribe in that gym. 

With my yoga, outdoor recreation, and CrossFit background, I believe I have a unique ability to help you achieve your goals. Whether your goals are kicking ass in the adventure that is life or in the adventure of a lifetime!

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