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Consider this course a rewilding of sort


Gain the skills, knowledge, and strength you need to adventure with confidence.

We live in a beautiful state, with so much to see and do. Mountains! Oceans! Tundra! Oh my! Adventure is out there! But how do you start? What gear do you need? What about BEARS!?! And bugs!? And, how do you poop in the woods?!!? 

Alaska happens to be the very best place to get outside! Learn how to safely and confidently adventure in your backyard with Fit for Adventure!

Each spring, join Erin for a course designed to teach you how to backpack safely in Alaska and get you strong enough to face any obstacle the trail (or life) might throw at you. 

Including three guided trips, 10 bi-weekly classes, one-on-one check-ins, and a weekly training program, Fit for Adventure will help prepare you for your next adventure and beyond. 

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