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Fit for Adventure was all it promised to be. I had some backpacking experience and wanted to increase this as well as my skill level. I also struggle with arthritis in my knees which affects my hiking. Erin starts with your feet, where your walking starts. I learned how I was not walking well, how my feet could better support my knees and hips. I learned a whole new way to think about my body and walking.  Erin is excited and knowledgeable about the human body. She introduced us to Natural Movement and we began by doing foot exercises, gradually progressing up the body as we began our daily walks as well. This led to actual hiking and of course, backpacking. Erin was able to give real time feedback when hiking as to form and posture. We also learned a lot about all aspects of backpacking in a well formatted, structured way that built on itself each class.  Even if you have some backpacking and hiking experience, this class is worth the time and financial investment. I saw my hiking definitely improve with less pain and greater ability to be out longer, and enjoy it,  and my backpacking skills improved as well.  All of this is on the foundation of Erin’s kindness and understanding, her ability and willingness to let people be where they are without the pressure sometimes feared and experienced in a group setting. This is not to say she did not challenge us, but the way she did it was in  such a way that I believe maximum growth could occur. Totally awesome way to learn/improve hiking and backpacking.

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